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Touring Notes: When we travel, we never schedule more than 1 appointment per day and don't schedule an appointment everyday so that our time with clients will be totally authentic and unique. In order to do this, we do require deposits from all clients for touring engagements (please see the Packages tab for more information regarding deposits and cancellation policy). We also strongly suggest at least a 90 minute encounter when touring and require a minimum of 75 minutes when touring. Same day appointments are virtually impossible and we do our best to have everything scheduled before we arrive in town. Accordingly, we encourage clients to contact and schedule with us early so that we can both begin the anticipation of our rezdezvous! If you have any questions about our Touring Notes, please ask. We love to visit different cities and meet new people!

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We are so happy you stopped by our website to learn a little bit more about us and what we offer. If you think we are a good fit, we would love the opportunity to help awaken your senses, expand your horizons and fulfill your desires. 

We are Tori and Nick Benotti, a married, highly educated couple who maintain our professional careers.  Both of us are highly ambitious, and enjoy meeting new people. We care about each other and everyone we get to know. We enjoy working out and playing together. Our friends describe us as genuine, encouraging and non-judgmental. We maintain a drug-free lifestyle, but do enjoy a glass of wine or martini.

Let's be honest:  We are NOT the PERFECT couple, BUT we are a LOT of FUN! Our amazing chemistry is second only to our collective sense of humor: we love to laugh, be adventurous and help others do the same. We provide companionship because we know the benefits it offers.

We are discrete and embrace the responsibility of turning your vision into a reality through our interaction and self-discovery. We are young at heart. We are comfortable with people of all ages and stages of life. This attitude allows us to utilize our past experiences for your benefit. Because you are unique, we will treat you in the special manner you deserve. We want to cater to your innermost desires, whether you are a couple, woman or man. We are here to take you on that journey. Whether we continue with periodic rendezvous or meet just once, we want to make a lasting impression.

Individually, this is what you can expect:

Tori: 5' 2", eyes of blue, 123 pounds, athletic body. 34C bust, 26 waist and 35 inch hips. Long blond hair, a great smile that gives away my zest for life. According to Nick, her best physical feature is her derriere. She is spontaneous and always willing to try something new. “I am easy-going and playful. I have a youthful appearance but possess the wisdom, knowledge and skill to make every encounter truly special.” Her background is in the fitness sector and she works at a gym.

Nick: 6'1", deep brown eyes and 210 pounds. Long, lean legs (Tori is a big FAN). Short, dark hair that belies his Italian heritage. Strictly heterosexual, he enjoys time at the gym and being outdoors. He is the planner and makes sure every detail is covered for the benefits of others. “I am laid back and have been called a 'pleaser'. This bodes well for Tori and everyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting.” Nick has a degree in the food service industry and is a consultant to businesses.

We understand you may be a little nervous if you are new to this. The idea of getting together with another couple for the first time, whether as an individual or a couple, can be a big step. We get it! We have been in your position. We know what you may be thinking and feeling. But we also know how exhilarating, exciting and enriching it can be. And we are happy to make your fantasy the center of our attention. We will go at your pace, whether you want to dive right in or wade in more slowly. We want the adventure to be comfortable to you. We are happy to start our time together in a social setting or we can meet completely in private. We have reaped the benefits of pursuing our fantasies and encourage you to do the same.

For the Couple: We truly enjoy getting together with couples. Four is such a great number. It is our privilege to add spice and passion to your relationship. Whether you are a committed couple in a longstanding relationship like us or just ‘friends with benefits,’ a rendezvous with us can spark your connection and tantalize your time alone after we leave. Seeing your partner have fun as you are having fun is a moving and passionate experience. Be assured, we will completely honor and respect whatever limits you set for our time together.

For the Woman: Without a doubt, the greatest attraction for a woman in this situation is to be at the ‘center of attention.’ Tori has been in this situation and knows firsthand the fullness of the experience. We would love to share that with you, whether you are a novice or experienced. This get together is very personal and fulfilling for the one being honored (you). Your time with us will give you a renewed sense of physical pleasure.

For the Man:  As the more visual gender, this scenario does not need a lot of explanation. It is a common desire and one we are more than happy to help you live out. Some have said this encounter is very natural. We know that to be true, and we know it is a lot of fun for everyone.

For Everyone: Everything we do together as a couple or individually will be clean, safe most of all FUN. Please be sure to read through all of the pages on the website to learn more about us and the companionship we provide, especially the FAQs & Etiquette pages. It will help you learn more about us and what you can expect for your special time with us. No matter what, we will put you at ease so that you can relax and enjoy your experience with us!

Roleplaying, Voyeurism, and Group Play are all things we can do together. Let us know what you are thinking, or ask us for some ideas! We love group play and would be happy to arrange multiple partner groups with friends!

After we meet, we know you will have relished your opportunity to Be Notti!

Until we meet,

Tori & Nick Benotti

We are also available for duos with select female friends. Please contact us for more information.



Name: Tori & Nick Benotti Main City: Phoenix, AZ Available to: Couples, Gentlemen, Ladies & Small Groups







We strongly recommend the first appointment be either 2 hours or 1.5 hours so that we have a chance to get to know each other. Scheduling an hour of Social Time to kick things off is also a great way to get to know each other and then role right into a very exciting private experience. (An hour for the first appointment can feel very rushed and if you would like a duo then we strongly recommend at least 2 hours so that you can experience all that a duo with us has to offer!)

Same day appointments for new 'friends' are almost impossible because of screening. And deposits are likely to be required. So, please, please read below and plan ahead! (It will be worth the effort, we assure you!)

We never charge extra for couples! Contact us for possible specials for Ladies Only, Voyeur Experiences, Groups, Double Dates (getting together twice within a week) & More.

PLEASE: Read our policies concerning deposits and cancellation fees. We won't waste your time and respectfully ask you to value our time and planning as well :-)

Packages: The packages listed below are for our time and companionship only. Anything that may transpire above and beyond is between consenting adults and is in no way related to the above compensation. Listed packages involving 4 hours or more assume a meal and some social time are included.

Overnight PackagesWe are happy to have overnight encounters. Please inquire for more details. Each overnight is unique and will be tailor-made for you. You may be surprised how reasonable this can be and we are sure you can visualize how much fun it is...

Social TimeYou can add ‘social time’ to any of the packages for $250 per hour. Social time consists of drinks or dining in public before private time. We think this is a great way to get to know one another if we are first meeting or a great way to catch up with past friends. In addition, if you want to get together just socially for an hour to make sure we have collective chemistry before you schedule anything more, you can schedule that with us for $350. During social time, we will expect you to pick up the expenses.

Incall and Outcall: We can accommodate either. For incall, we will gladly get a room/location in our name, but the cost of the incall will be added to the regular Package rates.

Consideration: Please place your "gift" in a plain unsealed envelope on the bathroom vanity before we arrive & we will discreetly handle it from there. (If we meet first in public, you can discreetly hand it to us in a magazine, envelope or gift bag after we make our introductions.) Please do not make us ask for it, as that will dampen the mood. Also, please do not discuss the fee at any time, including via email or text.

Duos: Combos with Tori & Nick plus other select female and male friends are available. Depending upon the encounter, there may be a small extra donation for packages. Please contact us for more information. Our duo partners may have additional screening and deposit requirements.

Overnights: We are happy to arrange overnight appointments and even multiple day appointments. Our overnight rates are listed and can be easily extended or changed to meet your needs and desires. Likewise, multiple days can be arranged on an individual basis. We are happy to arrange special packages for clients who want to share our company for longer appointments, so please let us know what you would like and we will make it happen!

Travel to You: We can fly to your city for packages of 4 hours or longer, plus travel expenses.

Touring Info: We enjoy touring and are happy to try to arrange a tour to your city with advance planning. We do require advance deposits for tour bookings because of the expense in arranging tours and last minute cancellations that have occured in the past. Since we see limit the number of appointments in any trip, we have regrettably had to adopt this policy. We are happy to provide references from friends who have provided deposits to us. Contact us to ask about Touring Specials that may be available!

Locations: We reside in the Phoenix, Arizona area, but are frequently in Las Vegas and are happy to visit Southern California and other nearby states as well. Out of town rendezvous require a little extra time to plan so contact us early if you want to set it up. Our rates are the same in every locale. Outcalls during tours to other cities require $100 travel charge within the city and $175 to the suburbs. This will need to be pre-paid.

Cancellations: We understand that ‘life happens’ and can interrupt your plans. However, remember that we are scheduling two people to make sure they are available to meet you at your selected time. Once we confirm with you, our plans are set and it means we have adjusted our schedules to accommodate you and your desires. Should you need to reschedule our appointment, we are happy to accommodate you within reason, but we are limited as to what we can do since we have planned around meeting you on a certain day. For all encounters, should you cancel anytime within 7 days of our scheduled appointment, you will be required to pay a 75% cancellation fee; if you cancel within 72 hours, you will be required to pay a 100% cancellation fee. If you cancel an appointment, we will require full payment before scheduling another appointment. If you cancel an appointment, your deposit cannot be applied to another encounter. 

Deposits: Unfortunately, the need for deposits has increased significantly due to cancellations. This applies to both in town and out of town appointments. We sincerely regret that these policies are necessary due to past experiences. The amount of the deposit will depend on where and when the appointment is and with whom it is scheduled--we may require a deposit even if we have met with you in the past. We will go over this with you when we schedule, but please be aware that we may need your timely cooperation with this--especially when we are traveling, setting up group encounters or meeting people with limited referrals. For your convenience, there are multiple discrete ways to take care of this and we are happy to be flexible to your preferences as to the means of deposit payment (online electronic gc, a common online pay app, & Bitcoin). These payments will be arranged through unrelated accounts in order to maintain confidentiality and assure discretion for you and for us!

More Information: For additional information please visit our FAQ's and Etiquette pages. Should you have any other questions not answered on my website, or are searching for a different time package please email us to discuss further.






Rate Session Service Details
$750 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls Private Time (not touring)
$900 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls Private time (when touring)
$900 USD Incalls/Outcalls Private Time - 75 mins (Min time when touring)
$1125 USD 90min Incalls/Outcalls Private Time - Suggested min when touring or for 1st encounter
$1500 USD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Private Time
$1875 USD 2.5hrs Incalls/Outcalls Private Time
$2250 USD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls Private Time
$3000 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Private Time
$400 USD 1hr Outcalls Social Time in Public Added to Any Private Time Package
$500 USD 1hr Outcalls Social Time in Public w/o Private Time (outside of Phx area only)
$100 USD Outcalls Travel Charge for Outcalls When Touring: Within City
$175 USD Outcalls Travel Charge for Outcalls When Touring: To Suburbs




1) Please be kind and respectful in communicating and interacting with us. Chivalry, generosity and politeness go a long way with us.

2) All new friends must be verified, no exceptions. We prefer 2 references from reliable providers (with websites/reviews) you have seen in the past. If you do not have references, please fill out the contact form as completely as possible and we will follow up accordingly. We will do our best to work with all who inquire, but we will never compromise our safety or discreetness, or yours! Please note, for new friends, we may ask to see your ID when we first meet, again for our protection and yours.

3) Please place your "gift" in a plain unsealed envelope on the bathroom vanity before we arrive & we will discreetly handle it from there. (If we meet first in public, you can discreetly hand it to us in a magazine or gift bag after we make our introductions.) Once we confirm that we are good to go, we are all more relaxed to let the fun begin. If you talk about money when we arrive, we will have to leave.

4) We will be on time, keep our appointments and show up fresh and enthusiastic. We ask the same of you. Please respect when our time begins and when it is ending. Allow us to leave gracefully when our rendezvous is over. If for some reason you are delayed or simply running behind, please contact us as soon as possible.

5) We greatly value grooming and hygiene. We will be freshly showered with minty-fresh breath and require the same of you.

6) Please do not discuss specific services for money or negotiate/barter with us. The website is fairly comprehensive. We charge for our time together, not our joint activities or individual acts. Please remember, for our safety and yours, we won’t discuss details or acts in email or over the phone. If you have a general question that isn’t covered, please contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions before we meet.  Ultimately, what we do together will be between us.

7) We are happy to include public, social time as part of our rendezvous. Please see the packages page for additional details. Although we are not available ‘off the clock,’ you will see the pricing for social time shows our interest and willingness to spend time getting to know you.

8) For couples, we may request a phone conversation with both of you before we get together to make sure that both of you are on the same page for our get together. We don’t want to ‘surprise’ anyone. We also like to spend a few minutes when we first meet to go over any boundaries or expectations you have as a couple.

9) If you enjoyed our time together, please let us know. We enjoy making good memories (and friends).

10) Last but not least, RELAX and enjoy our time together! We understand that it can be a little nerve-wracking to meet new people in these situations. But rest assured that we are both very kind and can guide you through our session if you want. We are givers at heart. Don't get wrapped up in what you can/can't should/shouldn't do. Relax and be in the moment. We will certainly find out what we all enjoy during our time together.



We are happy to answer questions and try to be as transparent as possible. We find that it adds to the authenticity of the experience for everyone. Here are some of the questions we have received in the past.

Are you a real couple and are the website pictures real?

Yes and Yes! We have been happily married for many years and enjoy each other immensely. The only part of our photos that are not real are those parts which may be blurred for discreetness. All photos are recent.

Why do you do this? 

We have truly come to love the opportunity of spending intimate time with others as a couple. We are secure enough in our relationship to play with others because we enjoy watching each other and others have a good time. It has enhanced our own intimacy and we think it is something that can do the same for other couples who trust each other completely.

What else would you say to someone (couple or individual) who has never enlisted the companionship of a couple? 

If you have an interest in finding out what it is like, we would strongly encourage you to try it. Be open minded to the possibilities. It can expand your relationship to a new level. It can be a one-time adventure or it can become your new hobby. That will be something only you can decide. We do strongly encourage that, as a couple, you discuss expectations and boundaries with one another before we get together. We can assure you that, with the right mindset, it is fun to Be Notti!

What happens when we meet for the first time? 

We will greet you warmly and spend a little time getting to know you. We understand that making it comfortable for you is the quickest way to get things rolling. We want you to enjoy every minute so we have some fun icebreakers to kick things off.

Do you have any references that we can contact? 

Yes. Upon request, we can provide contact information of people who can confirm our authenticity.

Will you meet with us/me before scheduling private time? 

Yes. Please see the Packages page for more information about social time (either together or apart from a standard package).

Do you have any boundaries that you require of your clients? 

Yes, but just a few. Treating Tori as lady is a must. Also, since we do this together as a couple, being in the same room is required for any private time.

How much time is required to arrange a rendezvous? 

We will always do our best to meet our friends on their timing. However, with two schedules to coordinate, the more advanced planning the better. Usually, at a minimum, 24 hours is required. In addition, if we are going to meet in Las Vegas (our favorite place) or Southern California, then it is best to set it up a week or more in advance. Same day appointments for new friends are almost impossible due to screening requirements and our other commitments. We strongly recommend that you contact us in advance to get the screening of the way.

How do you like to communicate? 

Until you have been verified, email is the only way. Once you have been verified, we can provide our phone number for talking and texting.

How quickly will you respond to emails or website contacts? 

We try to respond to every email or contact within 24 hours. Depending upon travel schedules, that isn’t always possible, but we understand the importance of communication and will do our best to be timely in response to each communication.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Only small, discreet tattoos. No piercings. Also, no surgical enhancements. We are 100% natural.

Do you have an age requirement or limitation of ethnicity?

No, except we provide companionship for adults only obviously and are happy to meet with all ethnicities.

Do you smoke?

No. And we ask that if you smoke, you refrain from smoking a couple of hours prior to getting together.

Client Insights

Client Insights: Invitation to contribute

Do you have something you would like to post on our website? 

We want to hear from you!

On this Blog Page, we are going to include ins...

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Insights about spending time with Tori and Nick

We first saw Tori and Nick soon after they had created their website. We were drawn to how they described what they wanted to do for others in a small group setting. We had tried 'the lifestyle' but those encounters were largely unfulfilling because everyone seemed ...

I have known Tori and Nick for a few years now. I am only into women but was intrigued by a husband watching his wife play with another man. Both Nick and Tori were very respectable and casual/relaxed to be around. I threw out a role play idea that I had involving a couple and they eagerly agreed to play along....WOW! I love our role play scenario. Here is how it plays out: Nick owes me money and doesn’t have it to pay me. I suggest the debt is paid without cash by Tori. Their family money situation is very tight. Nick says the decision is up to Tori. The 3 of us meet and Nick explains the situation. At first Tori is shocked and pissed he would agree to something. Slowly Tori warms up to the idea and really get into it. Nick watches Tori have a fun/mind blowing good time. She constantly tells him how much she enjoys it. Tori really plays the role well and I always look forward to it when they come to town. D.M.J. (Virginia)
In meeting with a couple, especially the first time, you run the risk of having that initial awkward moment of being the third wheel continue throughout the session.  I can say that after multiple meetings with Tori and Nick, any awkwardness or nervousness about intruding on a couples intimacy quickly dissipated with their professionalism and Tori's incredible natural sex appeal.  I highly recommend setting up a date with this couple, they are perfect for first timers and beyond. J.S. (Penn.)
I love visiting with Tori & Nick. I have met them several times now. Each time it's better than others. I never saw myself as someone who would seek the small group experience but with them it's effortless. They take the time to craft the group by finding people that fit well with me as well as them. It's about chemistry. Looking forward to our next experience and escape. G.C. (NY)
I have seen Tori and Nick a few times now. The first time was just by myself because I wanted to try an MFM. Honestly, I thought it would be a one-and-done bucket list experience. But there was something so natural and cool about tapping into their chemistry and energy. They are both pleasers and having Tori take care of me, while Nick stayed out of the way when I wanted to be with her one on one was just awesome. At Tori's suggestion, I tried a duo with them and one of my ATFs...it was a foursome that was awesome. I had to save up to do it, but it was definitely worth it. The energy in the room was indescribable. I am hooked now. So glad I left my comfort zone and tried them that first time!  R.M. (Chi/Vegas)
I met Tori and Nick a few years ago when they were in Las Vegas.  I always dreamed of meeting a couple in a bar and having them invite me to their room.  In this case we met at the bar and after seeing Tori I suggested we quickly retire to my room.  We spent some time getting to know one another and our likes and dislikes and then I started my first encounter with a couple.  Wow!!!  Both are in very good shape and really enjoy mixing it up.  I am straight so we talked about how we wanted to spend our time together.  I will tell you that it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Both of them are very respectful of your wishes.  It was a real turn on watching Tori focus on me while Nick watched.  Her skills are amazing and she is exactly my type...Petite, busty and the nicest caboose you will ever see.  After she got my motor running, Nick and I shared one of the sexiest women I have ever encountered.  The experience is something every man should have....Especially if it’s like my experience with Tori and Nick. Since the first experience we have continued the relationship starting each encounter with a great bottle of red wine and  then the fun begins.  Each time a little different. Over time and building our relationship we have set up a couple of duos with women Tori has recommended and each time Nick and I have had a great time enjoying time with both women.  There is nothing like having two beautiful women giving you special attention while they are also enjoying special attention at the same time!  I can’t wait for my next encounter with them! M.H. (Phx)
I finally took the plunge and connected with Nick & Tori on a beautiful Phoenix spring weekend. I got a room in a quiet suburb and they showed up right on time. We spent 15-20 minutes chatting. You don’t ever think about pre-play talk as being important but this really helped me relax and get comfortable with them as a couple. They both were equally approachable, articulate, and non-judgmental. When it finally came time to play, Tori seductively approached me as we started to get to know each other up close. It blew my mind how hot she was as she and I began to interact. It was also really hot being watched by Nick, who I could tell was enjoying the moment too... and to think - we were fully clothed! LOL. One of my favorite moments came right then. I don’t remember Tori’s exact words but it was something to the effect of “I can tell already that you have some really good oral skills.” She must be clairvoyant because that is one of my absolute favorite things to do! She then allowed me to prove her right--which was awesome. I had to “tag Nick in” because I wanted everything to last a little longer for me. Talk about HOT! It was so much fun watching this sexy couple right in front of me. It was all a blur of excitement and intimacy but at some point we all were engaged. At my request, I wanted Nick to get out of the way (which he graciously did) so that Tori and I could spend more time getting to play with each other. It was one of my most exhilarating experiences ever. I’ve already seen them a second time and cannot wait for the 3rd! J.P. (Phx/Midwest)
I stumbled across Tori online and started to move on when I discovered it was a couple situation then I hesitated for a minute. That was all it took. I was intrigued and on their website looking at the pictures and I was "off to the races!" Tori is drop dead gorgeous and will put you at ease the minute you see her. I was not really into Nick's participation at first and they were totally respectful of my comfort level. Eventually, I invited him to enjoy his wife for a bit and he did just that and I was shocked how much it turned me on to have all three of us enjoying ourselves. I can't explain it but there is something incredibly exciting about being with Tori with her husband in the room. If you had asked me beforehand if I would have ever considered such a thing I would have laughed at even the thought. They are amazingly comfortable to be with and the environment is sensual beyond anything I have experienced. I have seen them three times and working on scheduling the next time. I can't wait!! If you are curious, you won't regret it I promise. J.S. (Washington DC)

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Where are Tori & Nick Headed Next?

Upcoming Travel Plans

Chicago: April 13-18

DC/Philly/NYC: June 14-25 


Vegas? Want us to meet you? Just ask ;-)



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